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The American Legion Desmond T. Doss Post 257

Serving the Veterans of Collegedale and Ooltewah Tennessee

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Flag Care



I Am Your Flag

I am your flag.

I am the flag of the United States of America.

I am called Old Glory and

I am called the Star Spangled Banner.

I am the rockets red glare; the bombs bursting in air.

I am the imminence of patriotism.

I am the trenches of France, Belgium, Anzio, Normandy, Omaha Beach, Guadalcanal and Korea.

I am the jungle of Vietnam and the streets of Bosnia.

I am "One nation under God."

I am the names of those who never came back to keep this nation free.

When you salute me, you are actually saluting them.

I am the symbol of America, the home of the proud, the brave and the free.

Flags, Flagpoles and Flag Etiquette